Manage the Risk – and Seize the Chance

Creating a competitive advantage with life underwriting and claims handling.

Today more than ever, risk and benefit assessment are the success factor for profitable growth in life insurance, especially for biometric products: In the past, underwriting and claims handling were often seen as gate keepers to ensure the financial stability of the life insurer. Meanwhile, expectations of customers and distribution partners have changed substantially, an ever-increasing cost pressure paired with the opportunities offered by digitalization require us to fundamentally rethink our approach.

The goal is to create sales- and customer-oriented (digital) underwriting and claims handling, characterized by loop-free, simple and service-oriented processes. At the same time, the requirements for responsible risk management remain. Bridging the gap between these apparent contradictions requires a clear vision of goals that can be brought to life with expertise on processes and content and professional creativity.

we4 Impact supports you in rethinking underwriting and claims handling.
Hands on, from vision to implementation.

Our Services

Transformation Consulting

We support you in taking the next step with your underwriting and claims teams and realizing your vision.

Operational Services

We support you in day-to-day underwriting and claims assessment of complex medical risks.


We help to take your underwriting and claims teams’ expertise to the next level to be prepared for the future.

Our Approach

Our services, from transformation consulting to operational services and training can be perfectly combined with each other, while also creating value on a stand-alone basis. Common to all solutions, or their combination, is that we always work according to the same principles:

  • We put our customers first and work together to develop individual solutions that precisely meet their objectives.
  • We are independent of any third-party interests and can thus place our expertise entirely at the service of each customer.
  • We don’t just produce pretty slides and flowery recommendations, but ensure that tangible value is created and remains even when we are no longer there.


Founded in 2019 by Dr. Karsten Filzmaier und Dr. Laila Neuthor, we4 Impact’s range of services is focused on advancing underwriting and claims in life and health insurance in an interdisciplinary manner.

Our strength is the unique combination of insurance medical expertise and insurance economic expertise, which we combine with our consulting experience in strategy, organization and process development. We not only change content, but also mindset and work culture.

Our clients include numerous leading life and health insurers from Germany, Europe, Australia and the UK.