Manage the Risk – and Seize the Chance

we4 Impact supports you to make life underwriting and claims a competitive advantage.

Both underwriting and claims assessment are increasingly becoming a strategic success factor for achieving growth of life insurance. Originally, their function was to safeguard the financial result of a life insurer. Changing client and sales partners expectations, increasing cost pressure, and the opportunities offered by digitization are inevitably underlining the need to “rethink”. Today, the focus must be on sales- and client-oriented (digital) underwriting and claims assessment with loop-free, simple and service-oriented processes. Despite these changes, the requirements for responsible risk management remain. This contradiction can only be resolved through a combination of commercial thinking, creativity and expertise in risk management. With a proven track record, we4 Impact supports you in exactly this: to rethink underwriting and claims assessment with the courage to change culture and thus turn it into a competitive advantage for your company.

Who we are

While working different areas of responsibility in the life insurance industry, Dr. Laila Neuthor and Dr. Karsten Filzmaier have acquired all the competencies necessary to rethink underwriting and claims assessment.

Our strength is the unique combination of medical and economic expertise, which we combine with our experience as consultants in strategy, organization and process development.

Based on our expertise in team development and knowledge transfer, we take our clients on the path of change, both in terms of content and culture.

Transformation Consulting

We support you in reorganizing and digitizing your underwriting and claims assessment in terms of content, processes and a forward-looking corporate culture.

Operational Services

We support you in day-to-day underwriting and claims assessment of complex medical risks.

Training & Empowerment

We are taking your underwriting and claims teams’ expertise to the next level to be prepared for the future.