New Challenges Require New Skills

The changes in underwriting and claims are leading to new challenges for employees and their know-how: In some cases, completely new knowledge must be acquired, such as in the creation of rules and regulations. In some cases, knowledge that is already there must be kept up to date or deepened or simply trained to more employees, e.g. in medical underwriting or in the assessment of diseases prone to major medical progress. Additionally, rising numbers of new employees have to be trained in underwriting and claims at the first place.

We offer know-how transfer and training opportunities within our consulting projects or through our we4 Impact Academy. We have designed our offering in such a way that it can always be tailored precisely to the needs of the employees, thus creating real knowledge transfer and added value.

we4 Impact Academy

Insurance medical know-how at the highest level, presented in a true-to-life way with many years of didactic and practical experience.


Individually designed training courses in the field of insurance medicine and sales channel communication.