A highly trained team is your competitive advantage

Profound knowledge in underwriting and claims is more important than ever: With digitalization and automatization becoming more and more common in both underwriting and claims functions, the skill set of employees has shifted towards handling more complex cases, both from a medical and financial perspective. In addition, completely new skill sets have evolved: First, the development and maintenance of underwriting rules in digital systems, Second, the active participation in product developments, requiring a basic understanding of actuarial principles. Finally, both underwriters and claims handlers are more and more client- or sales agent facing and require communications skills.

Consequently, knowledge that is already there must be kept up to date or deepened or simply trained to more employees, e.g. in medical or financial underwriting or in the assessment of diseases prone to major medical progress, such as COVID-19 or cancer.

Additionally, rising numbers of new employees must be trained in underwriting and claims at the first place.

We offer know-how transfer and training-on-the-job within our consulting projects or through our we4 Impact Academy.

Out trainings are always tailored precisely to the needs of the employees, thus creating real knowledge transfer and added value. Our dedicated and highly skilled team of trainers consist of insurance experts and medical doctors with multi-year hands-on experience in underwriting and claims as well as academic credentials.

we4 Impact Academy

Underwriting and Claims Know-how for life insurance (Life, Critical Illness, Disability Income) and health insurance


Tailored training courses in insurance medicine and communications, for underwriting and claims units in life and health insurance