Our passion

Evolution, not disruption

At we4 Impact, we are convinced that meaningful, sustainable change can happen gradually and without breaking the bank. Taking the example of digitization: a 1:1 conversion of existing paper-based processes might actually decrease customer satisfaction. Filling in a maze of application forms with (medically) complex questions is unnerving for customers – regardless of the fact that the process is now digital. By contrast, cleverly reinventing and streamlining existing processes alongside with a strategic integration of new technologies like OCR (optical character recognition) and text analytics, will result in a substantially better and tangible outcome of digitized processes for the customer. We are passionate about pouring in all our knowledge and experience from working with a multitude of clients in a broad variety of markets to create a lasting impact.

Our team

Substance and People

Successfully transforming a business requires a highly integrated approach, keeping the bigger picture and intercorrelations between apparently uncorrelated decisions in mind. Plus, achieving change is not only about facts and technology, but also very much about the people and the culture in the organization. Our services range from day-to-day support in underwriting and claims management, to training and consulting uniquely enables us identify areas for improvement and to holistically address them. On top of our factual expertise in medicine and insurance, our experience as a change agent in organizational development simultaneously supports you in getting the transformation process right, too.

Dr. Karsten Filzmaier
Dr. Karsten FilzmaierChief Medical Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Laila Neuthor
Dr. Laila NeuthorChief Executive Officer & Co-Founder