Training: On-the-Project

Internalizing Change

In transformation consulting projects, we often work with our clients to adapt work processes, technical content or organizational structures, or to introduce new solutions such as automated underwriting systems. All these changes have in common, that the affected teams often need new professional and personal skills in order to be able to meet the expectations and demands in their new world. Therefore, we jointly develop concepts that in a first step map which new skills are needed or where already existing know-how must be passed on to more (new) team members.

Transformation can only be sustainable if employees continue to develop personally and professionally.

In a second step, we work together to identify where this knowledge can be acquired within the own company or externally. Plus, we discuss how trainings can be arranged individually in a meaningful and attractive way.

In this context, we offer individually designed training courses in the field of insurance medicine and sales channel communication for underwriters and claims handlers as well as for distribution partners. Often, a combination with the we4 Impact Academy makes a lot of sense here, too, in order to be able to offer tailor-made, cost-efficient and certified training options.