Training: we4 Impact Academy

Efficient and Sustainable

Founded in 2019, we4 Impact Academy addresses the training and development needs of underwriters and claims handlers, that we regularly encounter in our consulting projects with online-based, live trainings. We are fully certified for training underwriters and claims handlers according to the regulatory framework of the European Union.

With digitization and automatization becoming more and more common in handling the easier cases, we enable underwriters and claims handlers to efficiently assess medical and finically complex risks and claims across all biometric products in life (Term life, DI, CI) and health insurance. This enables our clients to create a smoother customer journey without missing out on proper risk management, which in turn helps them to prevail in a significant competitive market environment.

Since 2020, we have been gradually expanding our we4 Impact Academy´s offering to claims handling and health insurance as well as offering a broader variety of individual classes.  we4 Impact Academy thus brings together the best of all worlds: Insurance medical know-how at the highest level, presented in a true-to-life way with many years of didactic and practical experience of our insurance medical experts.

So far, we4 Impact Academy´s off-the shelf classes and programs are only available for German-speaking markets, where we are currently the training partner for more than 35 life and health insurers. We are planning an internationalization for 2024.

We run tailored training programs, both online and hybrid, for our multinational and local clients worldwide. These programs are specially designed to educate our clients along their individual risk philosophies and their underwriting guidelines. Sometimes, we are combing these training programs with our consulting projects aimed at revising internal underwriting guidelines or implementing digital or automated underwriting or claims solutions.

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  • We always impart medical knowledge against the background of an efficient and sales-oriented underwriting. All content will be tailored to the products, critical illness, disability benefits and (group- and individual) term life.

  • We impart precisely the knowledge that is relevant to daily work in underwriting and claims which can therefore be put into practice immediately.

  • All training courses take place online and are held personally and interactively by physicians with extensive experience in insurance medicine. This saves travel costs and time while maintaining the high quality of knowledge transfer.

  • All training courses are based on current medical knowledge, are continuously revised and therefore reflect the status quo of science and research.

Facts about the we4 Impact Academy:

  • Since 2019, more than 2600 teaching units á 90 minutes have been booked
  • More than 35 insurance companies across Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are our clients
  • 96% of participants recommend or classes and trainings
  • 98% of participants agree, that our trainings help them significantly in their daily work
  • In 2024, we´re offering 45 “focus trainings”, each dedicated to a single medical topic or financial underwriting
  • In 2024, we´re offering 6 training courses, combining 6-12 classes each to further the individual knowledge growth of participants.
  • We offer “basic” and “expert” level classes to ensure a good fit with the participant´s prior levels of knowledge.
  • Our five trainers have a combined experience in life and health insurance of more than 70 years, each holding a PhD in Medicine or Economics
  • We revise all of our training materials once per year to ensure up-to-date content
  • Each year, 3-5 new classes are added

The we4 Impact Academy is
officially certified by gutberaten.

The culture in our underwriting department has changed fundamentally as a result of the training. Our underwriters now think more purposefully and are much more focussed on how the decision-making processes are perceived by sales and customers. And all that without compromising the quality of their work.

Sascha Wanke, Head of Department, Underwriting, Swiss Life Germany
The training was not too long, not excessive and, above all, clearly explained. I got exactly the information I needed to better work on my cases in the future.
Sabine Pokorny, Underwriter, Zurich Group Germany

Integrated and a Perfect Fit

Our training courses  come in two formats, to cover your different training needs. Each course is divided into the knowledge levels “Basic” and “Expert” so we can align ourselves precisely with the prior knowledge of each individual participant.

All information about we4 Impact Academy (in German only) can be found here:


Our curricula are optimally designed training packages that enable a major, overarching step in each person´s individual competence development.

Focus Training

Our focus training courses provide in-depth insight into selected medical topics and product knowledge. This allows for a tailor-made supplementation or deepening of existing specialist knowledge.