Operational Services

Our support for your daily business.

Even experienced underwriters and claims handlers deal every day with cases that require an even deeper medical expertise. This is particularly true in the case of legal disputes in claims. Integrated in your value chain and within the framework of each clients’ individual underwriting and claims guidelines, we support you with our insurance medical expertise to reach timely and risk adequate solutions.

We support you with our medical expertise in your daily work dealing with complex cases in underwriting and claims.

Insurance medical excellence:

  • Our physicians are exclusively medical specialists with experience in insurance medicine.
  • Tapping our network, we can quickly access appropriate medical specialists for exceptional medical cases.

Two options:

  • “On Call”: We offer second opinions by phone or via MS teams / Skype without being integrated into the insurer’s administration systems.
  • “On Duty”: We offer the “look & feel” of a fully employed medical doctor with the added benefit of vacation / sickness replacement; with a full (remote) integration into the administrative system landscape and internal processes.
  • We design our collaboration to be fully compliant with regulatory and data protection requirements.
  • We thoroughly familiarize ourselves with your risk philosophy and establish a regular exchange on optimization potential.


  • Financial plannability through “subscriptions” with a fixed number of hours per week; allowing for some flexibility e.g. by extending the service hours to cover year-end business.
  • Operational plannability through guaranteed, maximum reporting times (usually max. 3-5 days risk assessment / max. 5-7 days benefit assessment).

Personal service:

  • We act as your sparring partner at eye level for underwriting and claims teams.
  • In addition to the concrete solution of each case, we also focus on explaining the background of our recommendation – so that employees, sales partners and ultimately your customers can understand the decision.

we4 Impact supports you in exactly this: to rethink underwriting and claims handling.

Adding access to we4 Impact Academy supplements this service by cost-efficiently offering tailor-made training options to underwriting and claims staff. A combination of operational services with Transformation Consulting is particularly suitable to support and ensure the continuous development and integration of the desired changes into your team´s daily work.

We are happy to provide you with personal references who are able to tell you first-hand about their experience with our work as insurance medical experts.