Our Approach

Different Projects – A Common Denominator

Three layers for a real transformation.

Successfully transforming a business unit requires a highly integrated approach that keeps an eye on the big picture and the interrelationships between seemingly unrelated decisions. Moreover, transformation is not just about facts and technology, but also about the people and culture within the company.

With our guidance in transformation consulting, our clients can focus entirely on what they want to achieve. We take care of the rest.

For real change that stays and continues, even when the consultant is  no longer in the picture, change must always happen on three levels.

1. Content

e.g., specific technical content, like underwriting policies, claims specifications, rule sets for manual or automated underwriting, medical questionnaires, etc.

2. Processes and Structures

e.g., collaboration processes, information request processes, authority structures, interaction with service centers, organizational units and work distribution, workload measurements, etc.

3. Culture, mindset and personal development

e.g., how teams work together, error and innovation culture, training and development of “hard” and “soft” skills, etc.

Our structured approach fosters creativity

We take a structured approach here: Our approach is to analyze the initial situation in all three levels and compare it with the (developed or already existing) target picture. Based on this, we work out options on how to achieve this goal and ensure that these interlock and reinforce each other. After this re-alignment, we go ahead with the implementation.

Together to the finish line

Our core philosophy is to walk the complete transformation journey together with our client´s employees, making them part of the solution. Our experience shows that combining our expertise with the experience of employees in all steps of the transformation process leads to better results and higher satisfaction and acceptance of change.

Our transformation consulting does not stop at pretty slides. We implement together down to the technical details. Here, we enjoy the professional and content-related trust of our customers here. Hands-on.

Sparring partner for executives

Change and transformation mean uncertainty and uncharted territory for everyone involved, which can be quite scary. The role of the executive is therefore of extraordinary importance for the employees. This is why we accompany executives in transformation projects as a personal sparring partner and we bring our experience from other projects in a very targeted manner to avoid pitfalls and ensure a better experience while reaching the goal.

We work with people

It is our philosophy to work closely with employees within our client’s organization. Therefore, mutual respect, honesty and appreciation of the individual talents and expertise of all people involved are of central importance to us. We always meet our customers at eye level.

Remote and in person

We have gained a lot of experience in conducting our complete consulting process online. However, we believe that a few steps of the process still work best in face-to-face, on-site collaboration. In a hybrid set-up, we can thus achieve optimal results and use travel costs in a targeted and value-added way.