Our unique approach

Substance and People

Successfully transforming a business requires a highly integrated approach, keeping the bigger picture and intercorrelations between apparently uncorrelated decisions in mind. Plus, achieving change is not only about facts and technology, but also very much about the people and the culture in the organization. Our services range from day-to-day support in underwriting and claims management, to training and consulting uniquely enables us identify areas for improvement and to holistically address them. On top of our factual expertise in medicine and insurance, our experience as a change agent in organizational development simultaneously supports you in getting the transformation process right, too.

Our commitment

We are working independently and are dedicated to reaching your targets

we4 Impact is an independent company. We have only one agenda: Delivering reliably and with the best quality possible towards reaching our client’s goals. As it is our approach to work closely integrated within our client’s organization, mutual respect, honesty and appreciation of the unique talents and expertise of all persons involved is key.

Our project planning and budgeting is highly transparent and our remuneration fee-based.