we4 Impact

We4 Impact was founded in early 2019 by Dr. Karsten Filzmaier and Dr. Laila Neuthor with the aim of further developing underwriting and claims functions in life and health insurance holistically and together with our clients. Over the last years, our three business areas (transformation) consulting, operational socio-medical services and the education and training of risk and benefit assessors have emerged in response to our clients’ needs. In 2020, we founded a separate institution, the we4 Impact Academy, as an online platform for the education and training of underwriters and claims handlers, so far focusing on the German-speaking markets.

The focus of we4 Impact is deliberately on underwriting and claims. Here, we are unique with our expertise in insurance medical content, the surrounding process landscape, and challenges at internal and external interfaces e.g. to actuarial, product management, data science, reinsurance and sales. We are particularly distinguished by our expertise in the introduction and further development of digital and automated solutions.

Our clients consist of leading life and health insurers from Germany, Europe, Australia, UK and Asia. We deliberately refrain from listing our consulting clients here; references and feedback on the we4 Impact Academy can be found here. Our claim in transformation consulting is to support our clients through our work in the background. Transformation processes aim at the heart of the organization and are very closely linked to the vision and strategic development of each client. Upon request, we would be happy to provide you with references that can give you information about the cooperation with we4 Impact.

we4 Impact GmbH is based in Pullach near Munich and is exclusively owned by Dr. Karsten Filzmaier and Dr. Laila Neuthor.

Our commitment

We work independently and are dedicated to reaching your targets

we4 Impact is an independent company. We have only one agenda: to deliver top quality, reliable service to help our clients achieve their goals.  We work closely with each client and this partnership is marked by mutual respect, honesty and an appreciation of the unique talents and expertise of all persons involved.