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Applying for life insurance still requires customers to navigate a jungle of medical questions, multiple and seemingly unrelated questionnaires and medical tests. To customers, there is no difference between the inconvenience of applying using a paper-based form or a digitized one. Consequently, most investments in digitalization are so far hardly noticeable to the customer. To fully leverage the potential of digitization and to increase new business and client satisfaction, a proper, considerate and sleek medical risk management process is needed to replace the paper-turned-to-webpage applications. A process is not better simply because it is digital.

This is only one, albeit prominent, example as to why a true understanding of medicine – as the common thread that connects product developers, pricing actuaries, risk managers and sales agents – is a fantastic basis for improving customer experiences and developing your digital strategy.

we4 Impact offers strategy-based and content-driven consulting services and implementation support to empower your organization to optimally integrate medical knowledge in redesigning your processes and products. Plus, we help you to creatively harness the potential of new (medical) data and digital solutions.


we4 Impact follows a holistic consulting approach which is based on our in-depth expertise in Life insurance and includes the various interdependencies and cross-connections between the different disciplines within an insurance company. This ensures a high acceptance and smooth applicability of the results of our consulting service.

Our consulting follows an interdisciplinary approach which empowers the existing and multi-facetted knowledge in your organization to create and innovate with the help of an in-depth understanding of medicine and against the background of your company’s unique experiences and challenges.

We understand that the demand for medical expertise varies – depending on the magnitude of a project or the complexity of a problem. We adapt our service level to your needs. From phone consultations (e.g. if product developers or actuaries have specific questions involving medical topics), ad-hoc support for projects with an occasional demand for medical expertise to long-term consultations in operational projects, product developments or the implementation of new digital services.

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The goal of any consulting service of we4 Impact is to improve your business in terms of efficiency, costs and profitability as well as customer satisfaction. With our content-driven consulting we provide real, tangible solutions to improve your underwriting and claims capabilities by streamlining your processes, customer communication and underwriting or claims rule sets on medically necessary information – achieving both, reducing the costs of complexity and maintaining the same level of risk management.

It is our belief that many new products or product features have added too much complexity to the Life insurance business. We see numerous opportunities to develop competitive and innovative products through creative integration of new medical data and medical advances to provide your customers with sustainable, meaningful and demand-driven products.

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