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Offering more attractive, digitalized products and instant service to customers while automatizing risk assessment, controlling costs and adhering to various and changing regulatory requirements are key challenges for all players within the Life insurance industry. On top of this, the fast advances in medicine are constantly adding to the complexity of the above, especially – but not limited to – in the areas touched by living benefit products, which in turn are becoming more and more important and differentiated. In other words: we are in the middle of a huge transformation process that still requires traditional skills while the development of new knowledge, skills and – equally important – competencies is inevitable to create and live the future.

Your individual training needs are closely related to your own strategy, vision and where your teams are today. we4 Impact supports you in creating a fitting schedule to address your specific needs with systematic and specific trainings.


we4 Impact offers a wide range of training concepts that are always designed to impact the knowledge, skills and competencies of participants. Content-wise, we specialize in medical trainings for underwriting and claims managers but also in insurance economics for these and other target groups. Adding overarching insurance and economic knowledge supports underwriting and claims experts to better leverage their role and value in the steadily changing world of Life insurance.

The starting point for all trainings is to understand your requirements and needs. Based on this, we tailor our training offerings – from single topic specific sessions to overarching and long-term training curricula.

In our trainings, the transfer of knowledge, skills and competencies to the team´s day-to-day jobs are very important to us. We ensure this by, for example, transmitting medical knowledge in a practice-oriented way, focusing on the expertise that an underwriter or claims manager needs in their day-to-day work in their respective market, regulatory environment and product portfolio.

We use modern communication technology to provide you with optimal flexibility to integrate your trainings into the daily routines and presence times of your teams. With our academic and professional network of medical, insurance and finance experts, we can provide you with the right person for any training needs.

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Besides training the knowledge, skills and competencies to manage existing business with established processes, we4 Impact helps you to manage the challenges of transformation. Automatization of risk management processes will significantly change the roles and responsibilities of underwriters and claims managers in the future – from a skilled user of underwriting manuals or claims guidelines to a creative risk manager, developing and adapting digitized processes according to your company’s products, sales channels, risk appetite und claims philosophy.

Alongside the development of technical skills, underwriters and claims managers of the future must develop their medical knowledge from “passive knowing“ to “active understanding“ of medicine and its implications for risk management processes. we4 Impact supports your talents and future expert teams to manage this transformation, using integrated training concepts that combine the development of content driven and personal skills (e.g. by including business games or change management concepts).

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