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Automatization in underwriting and claims management is taking hold in the insurance industry. At the same time, medicine is advancing very dynamically and the number of insurance applicants and claimants with complex medical conditions is increasing. In cases where automation and in-house expertise are reaching their limits, an expert in insurance medicine is needed to find a risk adequate solution.

we4 Impact offers you this in-depth medical expertise to support your underwriters and claims managers in the efficient, evidence-based and fair assessment of complex medical risks.


we4 Impact ensures a smooth integration of our services into your underwriting and claims teams and established processes. We offer guaranteed turn-around times and use modern communication technologies to enable easy and remote access to our expertise. We ensure the highest data protection standards. As we understand the challenges of peak periods and fluctuations in underwriting and claims business volumes, we tailor our solutions to your demand.

Our medical advice is in line with market regulation and the legal environment. We enable your underwriters and claims managers to make a fast and final decision by taking your product´s terms & conditions as well as your underwriting and claims philosophy into account. Access to up-to-date medical evidence, specialist know-how and a continuous medical support is ensured by our network of clinical and insurance medicine specialists.

we4 Impact

we4 Impact supports you in achieving your business goals: outsourcing this highly specialized medical insurance service enables you to save on recruiting and salary costs while enjoying more flexibility in terms of resource planning.

In addition, we help to reduce costly process loops and increase client satisfaction by decreasing response times. We achieve this by guiding underwriters and claims managers to ask only the medical questions that are relevant for clearing the case at hand. Understanding the language and perspective of both doctors and insurance experts, we will support your staff with phone calls or other correspondence with your customers doctors or legal advisers – avoiding time consuming and costly misunderstandings.

Your benefits from we4 Impact´s expertise are especially helpful in high net worth cases, risks that might create public interest or when a commercial decision needs to be backed up by medical evidence. With our longstanding combined experience in medicine and insurance, we are creating unique and risk adequate solutions for highly complex underwriting and claims cases that are too often declined or mishandled.

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